Lewi's Organics is the brand of premium organic snacks produced by PMA Indonesia for the Indonesian domestic market. Beyond our retail customers, PMA also offer our services to organic food importers or distributors from around the globe. Here are some of the ways PMA can partner with you:


We can be of service at any points of the production process: from networking and partnering with the right farmers to grow the specific crop that the buyer requires, to setting up with the right processing and packaging facilities (production supplies, logistics and quality control), to coordinating with stake holders – until the store-ready product is ready to be shipped to the buyer.

Product Development & food hunter

With our extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in Indonesia's rich agricultural diversity, we can help discover new crop sources throughout this lush archipelago, as well as develop new organic food products for international markets.

Bulk production & packaginG

If you are an overseas distributor, PMA can export in bulk/volume on a regular schedule. Furthermore, to help you reduce your production cost, we can also do packaging here locally with your brand and package design in retail packs of 100 gram, 250 gram or 500 gram.

Farmers Development

At the core of PMA is our partnership with farmers, so we aim to help develop conventional farmers into organic crop farmers by equipping them with the knowledge and skills in organic farming. Our relationship with the farmers is also built as we prepare them mentally throughout the process, until they become confident and self-sustaining. 


- We can help find retail channels in Indonesia for your organic food products.
- Or you can partner with PMA as a distributor of Lewi's Organics products in foreign markets.