Collaborating with Nature


The inspiration for PMA was sparked on a trip to an island in eastern Indonesia in late 1990s. Unlike the densely-populated and over-developed Java, this island was only sparsely populated with small villages and farms. While exploring and driving through the island's rugged terrains, Lewi made a brief stop to rest. As he stood outside the car, surrounded by wild vegetation growing on rocky soil, his gaze fell upon a group of trees. Curious, his trained eyes continued to trace the large tree clusters all the way up a large hill, where they thickly covered the hillside.

Thanks to his knowledge and expertise in agriculture, Lewi quickly realized that he was looking at hundreds, if not thousands, of cashew trees – growing, proliferating uncultivated in the wild. 

Recognizing this undeveloped potential, Lewi started asking the nearby villagers about it. He saw the opportunity to develop this as a cash crop, so he began training the farmers to cultivate it organically and produce export-quality crops. Combined with a strong guiding philosophy of partnering with farmers instead of exploiting them as mere laborers, PMA has expanded over the years while continuing to ensure top-quality organic products and the economic growth of local farmers.

Over the years PMA has found solutions that often plague the agricultural industry and hamper the farming community's economic development. One of the solutions is to ensure that the organic products are top-notch so that PMA can market them at a competitive price both domestically and internationally.  

Serendipity may have played a role in PMA's founding, but it is our constant and vigilant attention to quality, both in the organic cultivation of our products and the professionalism of the workforce, that compel us forward.