Organic Vanilla

There’s no denying vanilla’s top spot as a flavouring agent and fragrance in cooking, baking, perfume and aromatherapy. Although cheap synthetic vanilla is widely available, natural vanilla beans are still highly prized and sought after. The vanilla orchid plant grows as a vine and its flowers have to be hand-pollinated to produce fruits that resemble long thin pods/beans. These pods are then harvested, dried and cured in a labor-intensive and time-consuming process.

PMA’s Organic Vanilla is harvested from the Vanilla planifolia orchid, the same species as the ones grown in Madagascar. Our Organic Vanilla is the result of our intensive effort to train the local farmers in eastern Indonesia to grow it in an economically sustainable way, so they don’t need to fall victim again to vanilla’s fluctuating global price or exploitation by middlemen. We also taught the farmers the correct methods to produce high quality cured vanilla, which will fetch a much higher price compared to just selling the fresh/green pods.