Organic Rice


Indonesia is the third largest rice producer in the world, however we at PMA only partner with organic farmers in Java who have earned both national and international organic certification. One of our goals is to help the farmers and the country to achieve and surpass self-sufficiency, so that they can start growing rice for export. 

We partner with the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture who funded the organic certification, and also with VECO Indonesia, part of an international NGO based in Belgium, which assists in the development, training and providing facilities for the local farmers.

Although the number one staple food in much of Asia for millennia, rice has also been gaining more traction in the west as a healthier alternative to wheat, as there is an increased awareness and need for gluten-free carbs.

We produce several varieties of organic rice such as Aromatic Pandan, brown rice and black rice. As its name proclaims, the Aromatic Pandan is a type of white rice renowned for its mouthwatering fragrance that resembles pandan (screwpine), which is used as flavoring in many southeast Asian cuisines. Brown and black rice contain less glucose but more fibre than white rice, thus making their texture not as fluffy as the white variety, but they have a pleasing nutty flavor and they are also high in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.

As with our other organic produce, our rice is grown with sustainable farming methods without harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.