Organic Cashew Honey

There’s a sweet ‘by-product’ of our cashew plantations at the foot of Mt. Agung in Bali. During the pollination phase, the bees that live in the area feast on the nectars of the cashew and the lontar palm blossoms, producing honey with a unique and distinctive flavor and color. The locals use traditional Balinese bee-keeping methods, housing the bee colonies in the chopped trunks of coconut or fern trees.

Honey is one of the world’s oldest food, found in many cultures around the world. It is valued not only as a natural sweetener, but also for its nutritional and medicinal values. It is one of the most ‘complete’ food in existence, due to the bee pollens that are found in honey (about two million pollens in a single drop of honey), which are rich in protein, folic acids and a variety of vitamins. Honey contains more free amino acids than beef, eggs or cheese of the same weight.

Lewi’s Organics Cashew Honey is harvested using traditional techniques and is packed as raw honey to preserve its unique flavor and full nutritional benefits.